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Private Party

3 Hours | $1500

Unleash the ultimate celebration with our exclusive private party package, where every moment is meticulously crafted to create an unforgettable experience of joy and luxury for you and your guests.


Package Description

Admission for Your Event

All guest admission must be paid for by private party host.

Admission for up to 150 people included in package.

Additional guests will incur a $10 admission fee each [paid by host of private party]. 

The Ideal Venue for Your Event

Our 15,000 square feet private party service offers ample space for your event, allowing you to create a vibrant atmosphere, set up various activities, and comfortably host your guests, whether it's a large-scale celebration or an intimate gathering.

Your Party Done Right

Book your event at the Spot Today!

Your Package

$1500 | 3 hours

Deposit required:

$500 nonrefundable

Book a DJ*

A skilled DJ who blends seamless transitions, infectious beats, and electrifying energy to create an unforgettable musical experience

*$200 extra fee for a DJ

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